A little about me

I have always loved photographing my scenic home state of North Carolina and faraway destinations and several years ago decided to follow my passion. My preferred categories are travel and portrait photography with a special interest in historical and cultural places.

All of the travel/cultural images in my gallery are available for sale. I also teach private photography classes and am a graduate and member of the New York Institute of Photography.

I have been proudly serving the military community at home and abroad since 2003 and volunteer locally within any community I reside in.

Using nature as the backdrop and gorgeous outdoor lighting is a plus for portraits. Getting to know little tidbits and details about you and your family allows me to put a personal touch on your images.  Each photoshoot is a work of love and is never rushed. 

I’d love to connect with you and chat about your interests, see how I can help you create a wonderful memory, no obligation.  So drop me a line or give me a call and let’s get started toward creating that memory for you. 


FacebookInstagram or Twitter

+82 010-6686-0821 (Seoul, South Korea)

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