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Destination Oktoberfest 2015 | Munich, Germany

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Riding high on the swings in Munich

Ladies and Gents, get your dirndl and lederhosen because Oktoberfest is THE biggest party in the world and the world’s largest fair which is loaded with fun, frolic and beer.   If you want to get the party feel along with the German culture then this is indeed the place to visit.

The very first Oktoberfest was held in 1810 to celebrate the October 12th marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig to the Saxon-Hildburghausen Princess Therese.  (October 12th also happens to be my birthday, so Oktoberfest was the perfect place for me to celebrate my birthday!)  Anyway, every year, the citizens of Munich were invited to join in the festivities which were held over a period of five days on the fields in front of the city gates. Over 40,000 people were in attendance. Today, an average of 6 million of people attend the annual celebration.

Did you know horse races were held at the first Oktoberfest?  But by 1819 the horse races had been called off and were replaced by beer carts and the carnival-like atmosphere. Munich leaders decided that Oktoberfest would be held each year, no exceptions! Although Oktoberfest originated as a one-day celebration, it was extended to 16 days (starting in September) of revelry and heavy drinking.
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Beautifully adorned horses in Oktoberfest parade
Believe it or not, in the beginning days, beer was not available at Oktoberfest and alcohol could only be purchased and enjoyed outside of the actual venue. Traditional beer halls (called wooden halls) only became popular when the authorities realized it would make sense to open the Oktoberfest venue to vendors.  However, not just any kind of beer can be served at the fest.  Certain parameters must be strictly followed such as it should be brewed within the boundaries of Munich and not contain more than 6% alcohol.
2014 Statistics:
Area: 103.79 acres
Festival halls: seats 100,000 (14 tents)
Visitors: 6.3 million
Beer: approx. 6.4 mln liters (that’s right, million)
Coffee, tea: 222,000 liters
Water, lemonade: 909,765 ½ liters
Chicken: 521,872 units
Pork sausages: 142,253 pairs
Oxen: 112
Calves:  48
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beer and chicken tickets
The most popular (legal) souvenirs of 2014 were the collectors’ stone mug, hairbands with flowers, mini beer steins and pins.  The glass mugs themselves are a hot item.  Security guards recovered approximately 112,000 from would-be souvenir hunters.  Many are not recovered; the Hofbräu tent alone averages 35,000 missing each year and there is a fine for stealing them!
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For a full schedule of Oktoberfest events, go online at  It’s recommended to learn at least one German song so you can sing along with  your new best friends.  As is every year, there’s a hard competition about which song was the most popular in the beer tents. Apart from the usual hits, it was “Atemlos” by Helene Fischer, “Auf uns” by Andreas Bourani and “Brenna tuats guat” by Hubert von Goisern that made the tents go especially crazy.

The Lost and Found office can come up with some very surprising finds. Apart from 900 passports, 530 wallets, 330 mobile phones, 305 bags and rucksacks, 31 cameras, 230 glasses and 55 pieces of jewelry and watches, there are also some unusual items, some of them still waiting to be collected by their rightful owner:  Two wedding-rings, one brand new iPhone 6 and 4 tickets for the sold out football match between Bayern Munich and Hannover 96.

The top finds of the Oktoberfest 2014 were: A petticoat, a set of cymbals and transport box for cats.  However, there was no one left behind at the Missing Children Office: 48 kids and teenagers were taken care of by the Red Cross or municipal authorities until they were collected.

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Oktoberfest girls in dirndls

When will Oktoberfest 2015 take place?  On Saturday, September 19th, the Schottenhamel tent is the place to be if you want to catch the official opening ceremonies. At noon, the Mayor of Munich will have the honor of tapping the first keg of Oktoberfest beer. Once the barrel has been tapped, all visitors will then be allowed to quench their thirst. It pays to arrive early in order to experience the festivities up close and personal and it’s quite common for visitors to arrive as early as 09.00 am to secure good seats in their favorite tent.  The festival lasts until October 4th.

Opening hours?
Beer Serving Hours
Opening day 12.00 noon – 10.30 pm
Weekdays 10.00 am – 10.30 pm
Saturday, Sunday & holiday 09.00 am – 10.30 pm
Daily closing hour 11.30 pm ‘Käfers Wiesnschänke’ and ‘Weinzelt’ open until 1.00 am

When will Oktoberfest 2016 take place?
2016: September 17th – October 3rd

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  1. The Australian Consulate in Munich used put out a desk in their front office during Oktoberfest just to deal with drunken Australians that lost their passports and needed emergency travel documents to get home.

    Oktoberfest Pro Tip – Put your passport in a place that you, even at your drunkest, can’t misplace.

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  2. Hi, I’m happy you liked my recent post. I also enjoy going to the Volksfest in Stuttgart. Germany has some of the best festivals in the world. Good times! Have a great day.


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